Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chocolate gifts: Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

Chocolate gifts

Christmas is always a season when anxiety hits. It is a stressful time, especially when you not only have to think of gifts for your family, but also help your child think of a unique Christmas present for their teacher. This can be very difficult, since students generally get their favorite teacher the same thing each year. Below is a list of tips on how to move away from the cliché, and try something unique!

1. Although food baskets are often cliché, coffee and tea baskets would work wonders. These baskets can be very unique since they can be personalized. You can pick your favorite flavors, a cute mug, and perhaps a few gift certificates. It is perfect for someone when you do not know what their favorite tastes are. Most places like Starbucks or a gourmet shop offers similar packages.

2. Chocolate gifts have always been a favorite present. It has been a fact for centuries that chocolate is one thing that everyone loves. From chocolate Santa’s to gourmet candy, sweet gift ideas are always a winner. If you have trouble finding a local shop, it is easy to find a distinctive chocolate gift store online. Many online stores now make special customized orders which allow you to personalize the chocolate gifts that they are sending. The best part to this gift is that everything is already done for you! Chocolate delivery is the finest way to go, since the only thing left to do is give it away!

3. Teachers absolutely love to read. Gift ideas can include new best selling novels from Border’s and perhaps even a subscription to a teacher’s magazine. It would be very beneficial to their career and they’ll appreciate it. It’s a unique way to score brownie points with any educator!

4. Popcorn and movie theatre tickets are other interesting gift ideas. Teachers are constantly on the go, so it is important that they have some relaxation time. Adding some microwave or gourmet popcorn with movie tickets would be a great treat, especially since movies are so expensive now.

5. Donate money to an animal or homeless shelter under the teacher’s name. This is definitely a thoughtful gift during the generous season.

6. There are many #1 teacher gifts. Anything from a #1 teacher shirt to a mug are perfect gift ideas. If it is a mug, you could fill it with chocolate or their favorite candy. After all, any gift with chocolate will bring a smile to their face.

7. Buy supplies or a special project for the class. For instance, if you know that the class is going to do be doing a lesson on marine life, you could purchase a fish tank with frogs or fish for the entire class. This will not only make the teacher happy, but it will excite the class as well!

8. Purchase a large poster board and have your child’s entire class decorate it. The students can each sign their name and draw something special for their teacher. This is a great gift idea because it is not only thoughtful, but it also incorporates the entire class.

Chocolate gifts: 3 Unique, Romantic Gourmet Chocolate Gifts for Valentines Day

Chocolate gifts

A simple gourmet chocolate gift basket is great...but here are 3 unique, romantic gourmet chocolate gifts for Valentines day to really heat things up!

1. Chocolate Dipped Wine - At first, the author thought this concept sounded strange. Maybe you do to. Why do they do that? Well, for one, presentation. It looks really cool. The wine label is no longer paper, it's mouthwatering gourmet chocolate. You may be thinking, "OK, but how do you get it off to eat it?" A zipper - got it?

2. Valentine's Fondue for Two - Melt in your mouth chocolate covered strawberries are one thing. Making them yourselves and feeding them to each other is another. This author votes for the latter. Add a nice bottle of champagne and enjoy.

3. Strip Chocolate - For the more risque, this game lets you explore chocolate in new ways, shall we say.

Which of these three is the best? It depends on the impression you want to make.


When you give a gourmet chocolate gift, you want the person to be impressed. If this is your main reason for giving gourmet chocolate gifts - and assuming the person is a wine lover - the chocolate dipped wine would be an excellent choice for gourmet originality.


If your are giving gourmet to be able to enjoy it together, fondue is wonderful. This sensual gift is one that keeps on giving. You can use the fondue again with chocolate or cheeses after the memorable evening has long since passed .

Just Plain Fun:

If your partner loves to play games, go for the Strip Chocolate.

Chocolate gifts: Gourmet Chocolate Gifts for Valentine's Chocoholics Good for the Heart

Chocolate gifts

Remember when you were a kid and couldn't wait for Halloween - dreams of candy swirling in your head? Valentines Day is like that for chocoholics dreaming of gourmet chocolate gifts. Chocolate lovers dreams come true when you also tell them it's good for their heart.

In a recent Japanese study, researchers found that dark chocolate rich in flavonoids can actually improve coronary blood flow. People who ate 550 milligrams of dark chocolate a day showed vast improvement of coronary blood flow after just two weeks compared to participants who ate white chocolate without flavonoids. Flavonoids are what gives chocolate it's antioxidant power. Antioxidants help protect the body from damage to our cells by free radicals - formed by environmental pollution and normal cellular activity. These antioxidants are what helps keep plaques from forming in our arteries. Good news for gourmet chocolate lovers.

Dark chocolate contains the most flavonoids because it is the less processed than milk chocolate or white chocolate. Flavonoids also give dark chocolate a stronger flavor. As a cocoa bean goes through fermentation, alkalizing and roasting (more processing), more flavonoids get lost.

Other chocolate research has shown dark chocolate and cocoa powder may raise good cholesterol (HDL) levels by up to 10%, while keeping bad cholesterol (LDL) levels at bay. Stearic acid, one of the fats in chocolate, can actually boost HDL levels according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. And although, one would expect bad cholesterol levels to rise because of the increased fat intake, this was not the case. This is more good news for chocoholics.

They say that laughter is the best medicine, chocolate in moderation may be a close second.